About Us

Agroayafa International Limited is all about the actualization of the dream of a prosperous booming
Niger Delta and Nigeria ‘beyond oil’ and other Mineral resources.

About Us

We Are Agroayafa

Agroayafa International Limited is on the match to transform the swamps, lands and waters of the richly endowed Niger Delta Region into the number one destination for quality food production for Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Agroayafa International Limited is all about the actualization of the dream of a prosperous booming Niger Delta and Nigeria ‘beyond oil’ and other Mineral resources, through well planned and we’ll thought out Agricultural plans and Projects.

With our crops and livestock farms located in various communities across the Niger Delta and Nigeria, we are here to champion a new revolution towards national food security and sufficiency.


Our Vision

To transform the Niger Delta into the food basket of Africa and beyond with our God given resources of fertile lands, mangrove forest and water.

Our Mission

Employing World-class technology to produce high quality agro products and services for our customers satisfaction which in return benefits the profitability of our company, our staff as well as our operational environment.

Our Core Values

Our core values include but are not limited to Professionalism, accountability, integrity, synergy, transparency, respect, people friendly, speed of delivery


We at AGROAYAFA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED are aware that for us to achieve continuous and sustainable success, we can not walk alone. In this light, we are willing to partner and synergize with dynamic, results oriented, and positive minded individuals, firms, companies and corporate bodies who are equally passionate and enthusiastic about Agriculture in all its ramifications. So that together, we can emancipate our world from hunger, famine, food shortage, malnutrition and unemployment through Agriculture.
Our partners in view include the community, the government (at local, state and federal levels), sister-agro firms, agro-allied companies, NGOs, International organizations in support of food sufficiency and security, Media houses, Mass media, States and Federal Chambers Of Commerce and Industries, Local and International Investors in the agriculture sector, research institutes and Banks such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nirsal Microfinance Bank, Bank of Industry (BOI), Bank of Agriculture (BOA), African Development Bank (AfDB) and the World Bank.
we need concerted efforts to reduce Hunger, occasioned by food shortages in Africa and the world beyond, to it’s barest minimum. This we can achieve when we work together as a compact team. We therefore encourage those with similar passion to join us make this dream a reality, touch lives positively, encourage more smiling faces, creating wealth and making the world a better haven… a happier place!

AGROAYAFA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has the following as target customers

1.Agro-allied Industries who would buy and sell our products such as bio-fertilizers, livestock feeds and feeds for fisheries.
2.Customers who consume our high quality food crops in their raw and processed form (locally). Processing, Packaging and Branding for Export to meet international demand in continents such as Europe, Asia, The Americas and Africa.
3.Consumers who need our well breed animals products and their by-products. Animal/Livestock on offer include Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbit, Snail, Poultry (Chicken and Turkey), Ostrich and Fish of Selected species. Our Animal by-products include: Eggs, Natural Honey, Hides and Skin, Sheep Wool, Poultry Feathers for pillow making and plumes for decorations.
4.Transportation Services: We provide transport services on both land and water to ensure easy movement and distribution of our products. We also involve the services of both National and International shipping companies to facilitate easy export and import across our nation’s borders.
5. Providing our professional Agro Services to both States and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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President's Address

Fellow Nigerians, I call on us with every sense of humility, duty, patriotism and responsibility to heed the clarion call to go back to Agriculture as one of the surest ways of initiating, promoting and sustaining food sufficiency and security for ourselves, our children and future generations to come.

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