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Our Core Values

1.Professionalism: We stop at nothing to ensure the production of goods and services of world class standards which are second to none in Agro business. And in a bid to achieve and sustain this tempo, the right persons (Agro technocrats) are engaged in their respective areas of specialization. Meaning, putting round pegs in round holes to achieve the best desired results. At AGROAYAFA INT’L LTD, there is no room for sentiments when it comes to merit, quality and performance.
2.Accountability: We are always obliged to account for our activities and operations to our numerous customers, to our staff, corporate partners and working environments. We also accept responsibility for our actions and make our dealings as open as possible to the World through whose feedback, we become more innovative.
3.Integrity: We operate on the tenets of honesty, truth, fidelity (keeping to our word) and delivering on promise in order to win and sustain the trust, loyalty and patronage of our teaming customers and client base.
4.Synergy: We believe so much in teamwork for success. We tap the energy from both our physical and social environments to power our agro-activities. Nature provides the land and water, the community contributes it’s fair share of the Manpower, security and sustainability of our collective dreams while we provide focus, direction and coordination in the form of management. We, the community, the customers as well as our corporate partners across the globe, working towards the common goal of global Agricultural bounty.
5.Transparency: As a world class Agro business, we operate with all openness with all our partners in progress. We will continue to strive to avoid every iota of doubt or ambiguity in our activities and our dealings with our corporate business world. To this end, we are always open to meaningful suggestions, criticisms, commendations and advice to make us serve our customers better.
6.Respect: We hold all our business partners in very high esteem. This is because without them, there will be no us! Our staff, our customers, our host communities, our joint venture partners represent and form the key of our success story. We are duty bound to treat all and sundry with utmost respect and dignity.
7.People Friendly: Our Company operates because of people. And as such, peoples-oriented forms one of our core values. All our goods, products and services are geared towards meeting and satisfying the needs of the people in both local and global community.
8.Speed Of Delivery: We are poised and positioned for prompt and quick delivery of goods and services to all our target customers. Meeting customers needs translate to a greater level of efficiency, we always stand for.