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President/CEO Address

Fellow Nigerians, I call on us with every sense of humility, duty, patriotism and responsibility to heed the clarion call to go back to Agriculture as one of the surest ways of initiating, promoting and sustaining food sufficiency and security for ourselves, our children and future generations to come. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, so they say. But can we be healthy without eating good food? Does good just comes out of the blues? Or does it fall like manna from Heaven? What then do we do to get food? The answer is simple. We need to Farm. We need to reincorporate agriculture into the mainstream of our national life. Let’s launch our economy back to the very summit of global recognition by ensuring investment in agriculture.

Do we really know who we are as Nigerians? Some acclaim us the giant of Africa, others, the most populous black nation on the globe, with a human population of over 200,000,000 people, our National flag connotatively describes our collective heritage more perfectly.
The colour of our flag is green-white-green. The green symbolises our fertile soil/lands, freshness, fruitfulness and abundance of natural resources. The white summarily, on it’s part represent peace. And just as the green makes up two-thirds of our flag, more than two-thirds of our geographical landscape constitutes a treasure base for bumper food and agricultural production. This alone is an indicator that our fertile lands if well harnessed and cultivated, can transform us into a true giant food basket for not only the African sub-region but the world at large. Taking us back a little into history, it is not surprising therefore, that our previous and post independence economy thrived gloriously mainly on agriculture. That was an era Nigeria had not dreamt of joining the league of crude oil producing/exporting countries. Our Naira currency was proudly among the best in the global economy/forex ranking. This was inevitable because our Nigerian main exports such as Cocoa, Groundnut, Oil Palm, Coal e.t.c were second to none both in terms of quantity and quality in the world market. In short, our home grown agricultural produce were the most sought after, the World over! The World market was incomplete without our own Nigerian exports.

Coming back to the present, where we find ourselves in this economic ‘fix’ called recession, aggressive agricultural investment will surely bring about the positive economic turn around we all yearn for as patriotic Nigerians. And for us to come out of this economic stress as a nation, we need to rediscover and wholeheartedly embrace farming and agriculture in all its ramifications. Just as the federal government of the day ranks agricultural food production and sufficiency as one of its cardinal objectives, the federating states, local governments, private sectors, individuals, companies, firms, institutions should follow suit by replicating same, in their respective capacities.

In a nutshell, we need to grow the food we eat ourselves. More than this, we deliberately need to produce more food than we need or consume, so that we can sell to get extra income. And with time and with a sustained tempo, we need to see ourselves competing favourably and also playing a leading role among the global economic ‘heavy-weights’.

On behalf of the management and staff of AGROAYAFA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, I invite you all to partner with us as we rally to eradicate hunger,famine and poverty from our dear fatherland. Be proud to be an integral part of this ‘agro revolution’. Welcome on board!