Our Services

We Provide our professional Agro Services to both States and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Farm Livestock

We breed the healthiest livestocks which can be used for their hides or the products that they produce

Fresh Fruits

Our fruits are always ripe and kept fresh thanks to the modern preservation techniques that we use


We use the latest and modern techinques of planting to ensure the highest yield of our vegetables


We are also involved in poultry. We give our birds the healthiest so that they are always healthy & produce healthy products

Fish Farming

We employ workers who have years of experience in fish farming to take care of our fish farms

Honeybee Farm

We have a honeybee farm that produces the freshest honey which is beneficial to health when consumed

Additional Services include

  • Food crop production
  • Charcoal Production
  • Palm oil Production (small and large scale)
  • Manufacturing/Sales of Animal Feeds
  • Cassava Flour milling/Garri Production.
  • Processing, Packaging and Branding
  • Importation and sales of Modern farming equipments
  • Export of our raw, semi-finished and Finished products to the international market
  • Investing in our crops and livestock farm with us and get 50% ROI of your investment in every Six (6) month.
  • Agroayafa Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
  • Transportation Services
  • Manufacturing and sales of Agro-allied products.
  • Horticulture
  • Agro e-commerce store
  • Agro Empowerment Programmes.
  • Agricultural Seminars/Workshop.
  • Training/Practical Agric Education.
  • Agro-consultancy.
  • Catering Services
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Unit of Cattle
Experienced Workers
Years Of Experience

Quick Overview

We stop at nothing to ensure the production of goods and services of world class standards which are second to none in Agro business. And in a bid to achieve and sustain this tempo, the right persons (Agro technocrats) are engaged in their respective areas of specialization. Meaning, putting round pegs in round holes to achieve the best desired results. At AGROAYAFA INT’L LTD, there is no room for sentiments when it comes to merit, quality and performance.

We are always obliged to account for our activities and operations to our numerous customers, to our staff, corporate partners and working environments. We also accept responsibility for our actions and make our dealings as open as possible to the World through whose feedback, we become more innovative.

We have years of experience in Agriculture